“Strive to Be the Best Version of Yourself.”

Transformative and Educational Experience

Have you ever had the opportunity to truly lose yourself in the world and know that you are right where you need to be? Have ever looked across the horizon and stood starstruck by the beauty that surrounds you?
If you have, then you will want to experience it again and again. If you haven’t, then you need to. In either case, you must take the time to hike with Mwandani! The scenery is breathtaking, it engulfs you, lulling you into a place of calmness and relaxation. The sounds of the manmade world fade and you will hear the rustling of the leaves, the birds’ calls, the whispers of your sneakers on the path, and your breath as you inhale and exhale. The smells of the junipers and sage will graze your nose. This space in nature is magical, it heals the soul and will hold a place in your heart. 
This transformative experience is also educational. I have been walking with Mwandani for many years now. She is quick to identify the vegetation on the trail or has history to share about the area we are exploring. She will share her knowledge about which plants can be used for teas, or their healing elements, or simply show you their beauty. She holds space for you and allows you to slow down and embrace the present. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences hiking with Mwandani, they are the medicine that restores my mind and body, 
The Verde Valley has long been a tourist attraction for the natural amenities it has to offer. Though there is no better way to enjoy its beauty than with a local expert like Mwandani who prides herself on her knowledge of the local geography, plant, and animal life, as well as the rich history of the area. 
Kind regards, 
– Simone Chang

Amazing Guided Tour

Walk-About-With-Mwandani is an amazing, guided journey that takes you through the breathtaking landscape of the Verde Valley in Arizona. Mwandani’s knowledge of the different wildlife, plant life and historic history gives the tour a touch of spirituality and gratitude for the land and the others that are experiencing the journey alongside you. I had the pleasure of exploring and learning the history of the Jail Trail, Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Lime Kiln Trail, and Blowout Trail. I’m excited to explore more of the Verde Valley with Walk-About-With-Mwandani.
– Anela Plunket

Knowledgeable and Passionate

I found our hikes to be a unique experience in that you were able to customize it to each group that came. You were able to point out various flora and fauna and what animals we might look for as we would walk. Often, you pointed out the changes during the seasons and how they appeared from one hike to the next. Mwandani is knowledgeable, passionate about Sharing her knowledge about nature hiking and fitness to those of us who joined in. I would recommend her to those who want to become more familiar with the Cottonwood area.
Blessings, Tina Johnson

Freedom, Challenge, Adventure & Trust

Walkabout with Mwandani
Freedom, Challenge, Adventure, & Trust
I have been walking the Cottonwood trails for sometime now. I can always say that each time is an adventure. From the beginning, I could observe her knowledge of the natural world and her understanding of the trail maps and knew I could trust her as a guide.
Mwandani presents a challenge for each hike yet she is aware of each participant”s ability and safety concerns.Her hikes include stopping along the way to explore the flora & fauna.Mwandani totally enjoys being in the present time with gratitude, appreciation, & joy for all nature
– M.A. Green