Hiking Checklist

What you need

Please check off the list as you go
Backpack  *required
Hydration Bladder
Hiking Shoes or Boots         
**Comfort and fit are most important. I have purchased many pairs from Big 5. I really like the Denali brand, mid to high top, for less than $30 a pair. They last and a good starter.
Hiking Socks                 
 ** If you are wearing hiking socks, you may want to go up a half size in your shoe. I like a longer sock when hiking. It helps to  keep the  debris from getting in my shoe.          
Sunhat/Winter hat               
**If you have sensitive skin, and burn easily, either of these are suggested.
 **suggested in cold weather
Windbreaker, winter jacket, or rain jacket (depends on time of year)   **It is always good to keep a lightweight rain jacket on hand. In Arizona it could rain at any given moment.
Short or long sleeve shirt *moisture wicking fabric is best
Kleenex (suggested)
Sunblock *30spf+  (highly suggested)
Towel (suggested)
Chapstick (suggested)

Food & Drink
Fresh, dry or dehydrated snacks (suggested)
60-100 oz. of water  *required    (if you have a bladder for your pack, this is my first choice)
High energy rations (suggested)
Sports drink (optional)
Potassium tablet (optional)

Emergency & Miscellaneous
Fully charged cell phone – (REQUIRED)
Notebook and writing utensil (suggested)
Camera (optional)
binoculars (suggested)
Waterproof baggies for foraging (optional)
Trash bag (suggested)
Trekking Poles (optional)
Handwarmers (optional)